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Who is Farmer’s Link, Exactly?

Farmer’s Link is a premium weed delivery service that operates in Etobicoke, and is based just outside of Toronto, ON. We offer same day and 90 mins cannabis delivery throughout the GTA! We source our product directly from local farmers in Ontario, so our marijuana products are guaranteed to be some of the freshest available. Our goal is to connect local buyers with growers directly, so we can cut out the middleman and save money for our customers. We sell flower, extracts, edibles, vape pens and more, most of which are made right at home in Ontario.

Have You Got the Deals?

Oh, boy, do we. Here at Farmer’s Link, we aim to provide our customers with the most savings possible, and we’re always running new promotions to reflect the best possible deals on our product.

We also run daily weed deals on flower, so if you’re looking for cheap weed delivery, that’s where you’ll want to look. Rather than running down to Google and searching ‘weed delivery Etobicoke’ it might be easier to just peruse our selection of cannabis flower.

Our best offers are reserved for newer members, so why not join today? Here’s what you can earn just for signing up with Farmer’s Link cannabis delivery:

DEAL 1: Buy 1 oz (REG PRICE) Exotics, Get 3 oz FREE (1oz Exotics + 2 oz House Special)

DEAL 2: Buy 1 oz (REG PRICE) Exotics take 50% OFF, Get 1 oz FREE (House Special)

DEAL 3: Buy 1 oz (REG PRICE) Craft or Premium Oz Special, Get 1 oz FREE (House Special)

DEAL 4: Buy Any 2 oz Special, Get 1 oz FREE (House Special)

Our minimum order amount is $50 with free same-day weed delivery, orders are usually delivered within 90 mins or less. Our pricing is so good, you’ll never go back to whatever weed dispensary you used before. Why bother going to a cannabis dispensary in Etobicoke when you can buy weed online from our cannabis store? Farmer’s Link is the way of the future.

What Sorts of Products Do You Carry?

We’ve got lots of fine cannabis and cannabis-related products available in Etobicoke, such as:

Cannabis Flower

  • Browse our fine selection of weed strains today: we’ve got sativa, indica, numerous hybrid strains, and we’ve got all the classics. Whether you need ATF for energy, or maybe some Mike Tyson for your pain, we’ve got it fresh through the Farmer’s Link Shop

Marijuana Edibles

  • Many of our weed edibles are made in Ontario! We’ve got the up and coming Buudabomb brand, the world-renowned Bonnie & Clyde gummies, and a huge variety of candies made to taste just like your childhood favorites. Made from the best cannabis extracts on the market, our THC and CBD edibles are serious business

Weed Extracts & Weed Concentrates

  • We’ve got a ton of extracts in stock, from the old-school to the newest innovations. We carry weed oil for vapes, we have shatter available in our cannabis store, and we also sell the brand-new diamond extracts and the newly available THC syrup

Weed Vapes

  • We sell oil and cartridges for various vapes and vape pens, and we even sell the vapes themselves! We currently rep the FLO vape pen, which is one of the best on the market. Most of our products are brand agnostic, however, so you can use them with whatever setup you prefer. If you like to vape, get weed delivery from Farmer’s Link

Where Does Farmer’s Link Deliver?

Our weed delivery service extends across the GTA, even to Etobicoke. Our local drivers know the area, which is why we’re confident in promising same day 90 mins weed delivery.

We have drivers all across Toronto and the GTA, so we can service a delivery area that extends from Wellington county through Halton, Peel, Toronto, York, and Durham.

If you’re not in Etobicoke, but you need weed delivery nearby, try the following options:

How Can I Place an Order With Farmer’s Link?

That’s easy, my friend!

  1. Browse our weed store for the product(s) you desire
  2. Give us a call at any of the phone #s in the header and/or footer of our website
  3. Place your order with our highly professional Etobicoke-based dispatch team
  4. Await your same day 90 mins weed delivery
  5. Exchange your money for our cannabis flower, edibles, extracts, vapes, or other goodies
  6. Get high and enjoy!

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Farmer’s Link is a same day weed delivery service, so you should expect your order to arrive within 60 minutes of placing it. Farmer’s Link is not a mail-order marijuana business (MOM), and we currently don’t operate outside of Ontario. Etobicoke is fine, though!

Our team of weed delivery drivers and dispatch coordinators work together to ensure that your weed delivery arrives within 90 mins of your order being placed. At Farmer’s Link, our prime commitment is to the overall satisfaction of our customers, and that means providing the fastest, best, and cheapest weed delivery in Toronto and the GTA. We pride ourselves on being the best weed delivery service in Etobicoke, and on the quality and consistency of our marijuana products.

We are Farmer’s Link: Etobicoke’s best same day 90 mins weed delivery service.


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