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*3G CRAFT COUPONS ( only for $120+ spend ) can only be redeem on your next order.

*FREEBIES is only available on Regular Price Exotics and Craft Ounce. FREEBIES are excluded on BC Premium Ounces.

*Prime Time Savings prices are FIRM; points are not to be redeemed to reduce total. Points can be available to redeem for our regular price ounces or any additional items.

Reminder: Keep the discounts rolling! To continue enjoying Prime Time Deals, make a minimum purchase of $50 within two weeks of your last order. If this condition is not met, your access to the Prime-Time Deals will be reverted, and you can requalify by making an initial full-priced purchase. There are no additional freebies with our prime time savings however with the initial regular price ounces you will receive 7g house.