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Here at Farmer's Link, we like to talk about weed. We call our very favorite posts 'The Farmer's Picks,' so be sure to check those out to get the latest and most accurate news from the wide world of cannabis.

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CBD Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I Knew What The Title Would Be Before I Started Writing This Post It was down to that or ‘2CB, 2D’ but I think I made the right choice. ‘2CBD, 2 Furious’ was probably more...

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CBD Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I Knew What The Title Would Be Before I Started Writing This Post It was down to that or ‘2CB,... read more

Social Media Giants Playing Favorites in the Cannabis Industry

Are Facebook and Instagram Changing Their Ways Concerning Cannabis-Related Content on Their Platforms? Looks like we’re in for a bit... read more

The Ever-Evolving World of Edibles

You’d Better Clear Your Plate Long before the coming of the modern industry we know today, cannabis afficionados have been... read more

5 Reasons Why Grey Market Cannabis Is Still The King

Embrace The Grey We’re 3 years out on federal legalization here in Canada, and there have been a lot of... read more

Group smoking weed post-pandemic smoking cannabis joints and blunts together

Pipe Culture Post-Pandemic

What’ll It Even Be Like? Lately, it’s a question I’ve been thinking quite a lot about. I don’t think that... read more

Ground Up Gtrabba Leaf in a bowl at a brampton dispensary that does free weed delivery

The History and Use of Grabba

Abridged As Best I Can “So what’s the deal with Grabba?” – Jerry Seinfeld I highly doubt he ever said that,... read more

1 pound of premium cannabis strain

Get a Gummy Guaranteed or Win 1lb of Weed?

Which Would You Rather? It’s not uncommon to see deals and various promotions being offered by the many fine dispensaries... read more

The Meteoric Rise of CBD and Edibles

Do The Two Go Hand in Hand? I can’t help but think they do! I can still remember the first time... read more

Cannabis customer exchanging products with a dispensary vendor

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Weed Delivery Service

I Guess I Can’t Use Creative Subtitles For This Post Which will limit me, for sure, but I’ll find other... read more

Bud tenders weighing weed at cannabis dispensary

Delivery or Carry-out

So Are We Ordering Tonight? Pickup or delivery: a decades-old dilemma that has vexed our kind for generations. Is it... read more

MOMS vs Weed Delivery in 2021 - A marijuana package placed on picnic bench in Toronto

MOMs Vs. Weed Delivery in 2021

We Still Mail Weed In 2021? We do, in fact! Quite a lot of it, too. In Canada, at least,... read more

Farmerslink Blog A Bird in the hand weed size card

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Half of an Ounce

Is That A Metaphor Or Something? My title is a stretch, for sure, but since I think it’s funny, I’m... read more

Flo Extracts cannabis vaping device to buy online in Canada pic

Vaporizing Competition

Peak Vape Culture Of the many Cannabis-related products that have made it all the way to market (and beyond), few... read more

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