Weedmax Rewards

10lb Weekly giveaway Promo.

The biggest cannabis giveaway ever!

Register For W-MAX

Chance to win 1/2 OZ per order or more
(You can only choose strains that you’ve ordered before, and that have a maximum 7g Cost of $70 per Bag)

Weed MAX follows the Lotto Max numbers drawn every Friday @ 10:30pm
Every completed order with Farmer’s Link will receive a Weed MAX number from 1 to 50.

Every $100 spent gets you one number.

Marijuana leaf image for weedmax cannabis rewards
Weed diagram for weedmax lottery reward

How to play:

Each order will receive a W-MAX number from 1 to 50. If your number matches the Bonus number drawn on Friday at 10.30 pm, you win a 1/2 OZ or more!

Don’t worry! If you didn’t hit the bonus number, but you hit the inside numbers, you will be awarded points which can be converted and spent on any of our menu items.

Ex. 2,000 points awarded is equivalent to $20. Once you reach 8,000 points, you are eligible to redeem up to $70 in products from Farmer’s Link.

If you place an order for:

$100, you’ll get 1 Weed MAX number

$200, you’ll get 2 Weed MAX numbers

$300, you’ll get 3 Weed MAX numbers

$400, you’ll get 4 Weed MAX numbers

Getting started is easy

Graphic icon of money on Farmers Link Weedmax Lottery

For every $1 that you spend you will accumulate 5 points
(Ex: If you spend $100 you will receive 500 points for that order.)

Graphic icon of weed bud on Farmers Link Cannabis dispensary

Redeem system
1,000 Points = $10
Account needs to have 8000 points to redeem $70 towards a free product on top of a purchase.
*Account is required to have a balance of 1000 points at all times and can not be used to reduce purchased order total.

Weedmax lotto graphic to buy weed online

If your number matches any of the first 7 inside numbers, you will earn 500 points for every $100 spent.

More ways to win!

If you hit the Bonus numbers 4 Fridays in a row, you will win an additional 1LB of Premium Dank Bud